Who funded ninety nine?



I couldn’t find information on your source of funding.
Is it privately funded or VC-backed?

I found no information on crunchbase, for example.



Hello @cardimart,

We don’t have a crunchbase account. Up until releasing our platform, we are trying to maintain a low-profile as much as possible.

We have been funded by:

  • Myself
  • A variety of high profile international financiers and business angels
  • International VCs (both European and American)

Hope you find this information well,


Thanks for the info Javier!

Maybe consider adding this info to the home page or the about us page.
From a user point of view, it makes things more reassuring knowing that there are some known entities behind the startup and who those are.

Looking forward to trying the app.



If we want to reach the 99% of the population, we need to be as transparent as possible.

Thus, once we get our full European passport, we will release a new version of our landing that will comply with the requirements of a financial institution. Not only we will go deep on our pricing, products or features but also about the VCs behind ninety nine.

Thanks for the note :blush: