What features do you want us to add?


Will there be an option for automatic dividend reinvestment? (like M1 Finance) :slight_smile:


Hello @Arthur,

Yes. Whenever a financial event occurs within your portfolio (from a stock split to a dividend) we will let you know by notifying you by email and/or push notification.

Some of the events will need a “pro-active” action by the user to decide how to proceed.

In the case you mention: of course if you want to reinvest a cash dividend into new stocks you will be able to do it. The same happens when you want to withdraw it.

It’s 100% up to each user to decide what he wants to do with his money/stocks.


Órdenes del tipo “stop móvil”. iBroker no tiene ese tipo de órdenes para operar con futuros, aunque clicktrade sí pero sólo para acciones.


Hi there,

New to the community and based in Sweden so a ways down on the priority list and no access to the beta app yet (simply states 0 persons before you in the waiting line) but here are my 2 cents on what I would like to see:

  • The possibility to co-manage accounts (husband/wife for example) I understand the need for a single person to be the end responsible for the account but the ability for more than one person to manage it would be useful.

  • The ability to fully automate investment and the reinvestment of dividends the way M1 does it with setting targets. for example 10% stock 1, 40% stock 2, 20% stock 3 and so on.

  • The UI abilities to group stocks in user created lists. For example “finance”, “Real Estate”, “Manufacturing” and so on.

As previously stated, I have no access to the beta yet so unsure if some/all of this has already been covered. In that case I apologize for the repeat points.

Good luck from Sweden!

Mattias Andersson


I think it would be very useful to be able to add price alerts.


Order types: definitely limit orders + opening/closing auctions
Transaction data: csv export
Watchlists: multiple watchlists

Long Options, Crypto etc.: I wouldn’t offer that, at least on the free accounts. Most people would annihilate their money fast and that’d be bad publicity. If you offer to go long options, then displaying the price as implied volatility, showing bid-ask and easy-to-understand measures (theta decay displayed as an Euro figure, for the uninitiated) would be an absolute must.

Futures, CFD, short options/stocks: maybe only allow people to sell covered calls and do not offer futures and CFD? By that, make ninety-nine known for being a responsible broker? For anything else I’d also feel somewhat uneasy about the risk that ninety-nine could blow up in the event of a market crisis when too many accounts go negative.

“Social trading”: in case you offer to publish portfolios, do it in a smart way, with risk measures (Sortino ratio), adequate bet sizing (no trades being published exceeding e.g. 10% of portfolio value in case of stocks, no more than 5% in case of options, no short term options < 30 days to expiry).

Freemium: besides charging for real time data, maybe combine with advanced charting (VWAP, RSI, bollinger) only available to premium customers.

Web interface: no idea, probably all effort rightly goes into the app now. If you ever do this, add links to company’s investor relations websites and ETF information pages (besides the kiid … rather let people see what they are buying by letting them browse the holdings list).

That’s it

Good luck




I understand that the app is still an MVP, so it’s pretty basic.

Still, some features I would like to see in the app:

  • In app chat support.
  • Limit orders is must
  • Automatic report of the dividends etc for the past year for tax applications.
  • Interactive chart (e.g. pressing a chart position could show the price & my relative position). Now the chart is just for show.
  • Web version

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Keep up the good work


Auto reinvest dividends earned.


It would be great that you implement a similar functionality to broker “M1 Finance” (https://www.m1finance.com/) for stock and ETF investing. It’s great what this company is doing in the US. It’s visual portfolio orientation. Dividend friendly features. Fractional shares. Automated reinvesting based on portfoloio weighting

With this type of versatility and funtionality I would subscribe right away and I think many others would follow (would be eager to recommend it)

Hope this suggestion is useful for you!