What features do you want us to add?


I’ve been using the Android app for some time and have a few questions.

  1. What exchanges will be included? At the moment, I see that all stocks trade in EUR and I am not sure how the price is derived (for example, I see that Apple is trading at LSE in EUR, rather than on NASDAQ in USD). Any info on what is it that we are trading with the demo account and what your plans are?

  2. Will there be all standard order types available (limit, market, stop loss, take profit)? I suppose only market orders are available at the moment?

  3. How fast are the order executions? For one of my orders it took several minutes, whereas for other orders they were near instant.

  4. (although, I suppose it’s still early :slight_smile: ): Any clues about the overall pricing schedule, or if not, what month can we expect it? I am primarily interested in learning about the overall price I’ll be paying when buying or shorting, say, 500 shares from NASDAQ (together with side fees such as forex transaction/data access/software/deposit/withdrawals…), so that I can compare them to overall expenses from comparable brokers (IB, Degiro, Freetrade, etc.).



Hello @sensei_doji,

Please find below answer to your questions.

1.1. At the first stage, we will offer all main European and American stock markets and we will progressively add stock markets and products based on our client’s needs and interests.

1.2. We are working on the forex tools, which will be released soon. That is the reason that all stocks that trade on a currency different than euro are doing it with a 1:1 parity.

We will offer multiple types of orders (including all the ones that you mentioned). Right now, only market orders have been released.

Right now orders are executed every five minutes. Once we launch, they will be sent to the market in streaming mode (milliseconds).

For regulatory reasons, up until the moment that our European passport has been granted, we are not able to promote our pricing schedule. Hope you understand :frowning:

Hope this post clarifies all of your doubts!

  • Options and Futures

  • Cryptos

  • Short selling

Those would be really nice features


Thanks, @timmsievers we will take your feedback into account.


Top up with debit/credit cards :credit_card:



Thanks for your suggestion.

I’m glad to tell you that that’s something that will be available on our real-money version.


Will it be possible to transfer stocks from another broker? (specifically degiro). And how much would it cost (approximately), if so?


Will be possible to have and see level 2? and chossing the ECN?


@anilboersma yes. You will be able to transfer your portfolio from a third-party broker.

The cost will depend on your broker, who usually will try to do their best to convince you not to leave.

There will probably will be (hidden) fees on their side but not on ours. However, since this is a manual process which hardly can be automatized we will have to analyse each case individually.


@giangimetal unfortunately not on our basic account.

In case that there is a demand among our premium users, it would be pretty easy for us to implement it within a couple of weeks. But definitely not a feature to consider on the short run.


Hello, since it seems to me like you are not planning to launch a desktop version of the broker, will it be possibile to link the ninetynine account to a charting website with brokerage integration, being that way, able to send orders to ninetynine directly from there?



We will release a desktop version of our platform. We’ve already been working on it for a while :wink:


Useful feature will be a co-owner for long term accounts, in case of unforseen events. Like a fallback person.


Thanks for the note @Gabriel.

On a first stage we won’t offer shared accounts due to its anti-money laundering complexity. However, that it’s a feature that we have on our backlog.


I think you shouldnt add any advanced tool as 99% of beginers will be overvelmed.


Hello! Will be possible to download and save a CSV file with the trades history?


Yes, @giangimetal. You will be able to do so.


I’d like to see APIs. Especially since I have been using Quantconnect to backtrade (which is quite popular), if you are able to provide support with their APIs, plus zero commission fee it would become a killer for European algo traders.
Of course margin account is also a must if you want to attract daytraders or algo daytraders.


A possibility for fractional share investing, based on a fix amount per week/month, over a diversified portfolio.

With the possibility to change the weight of each sector/type, e.g. bonds, stocks, ETF in a simple way.

I was thinking M1finance.com style. https://www.m1finance.com/how-it-works/invest


Thanks @stefaan.simoens

From an operational perspective, that would mean offering CFDs or buying stocks on behalf of our clients and then fractionally resale it to them, which is something that we don’t plan to do over the short term.

We will analyze it down the road, though. Thanks for the suggestion!