What features do you want us to add?


Here are the ideas that we have in mind:

  • A web version of the app
  • API to create custom algorithms
  • Recurrent deposits: weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly
  • Advance technical analysis tools
  • Ranking of top users by profitability
  • Advance tax info reports
  • Easy-moving to ninety nine from another broker
  • Short selling
  • Options and futures
  • Cryptos
  • Multicurrency accounts
  • Premium coverage
  • "Basquet trading" as proposed by @Restal

We need your help. So why don’t you help us decide what to build next???

PD: if you don’t see what you are really looking for, please let us know.


Cryptos would be a good idea, because almost all crypto exchanges that works with local currencies have a high trading, deposit or withdrawal fee.


For me first of all: a web version of the app, absolutely
second place is for advance technical analysis tools because i think they are fundamental to understand stock movements, and many people use different indicators to do their own analysis, becuase everyone is different.
Options and futures, if you know what you are doing, are a great source of investments, way better than cryptos.
Also having the possibility to short selling would be great since it’s rare to find that in a good broker.


I tried to expose this features in my priority order:

  • A web version of the app
  • Cryptos
  • Short selling
  • API to create custom algorithms
  • Advance technical analysis tools
  • Advance tax info reports
  • Easy-moving to ninety nine from another broker
  • Recurrent deposits: weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly
  • Options and futures
  • Ranking of top users by profitability


I think a web app is one of first things to do, followed by introduction of cryptos.
Having an API for custom algorithms is great for analysis, while having a possibility to access raw data would be the best possible option in my opinion.


Hi @alex, @mfranco87, @giangimetal!

I would love to hear why do you consider a web app is a must. And what do you want to see in the web app. :thinking:


I’d like to see multicurrency accounts so that I can deposit the USD to actively trade US stocks, rather than have my account set in a European currency and then get charged heavy FX conversion fees in each trade. While I understand you have to make money somehow, I’d rather pay an acceptable monthly fee for a premium account than get charged extra every trade.

UK-based Freetrade is an example of a broker that advertises themselves as “commission-free”, however, you end up paying a lot more than with the traditional brokers (Interactive Brokers, for example). So they offer zero-fees, but then charge 0.5% per transaction (as the account is in GBP), meaning that you end up paying 1% for a round-trip trade for the US stocks, which is horrendous and I feel sorry for all the beginner traders who will fall victims to this false-advertising. I hope you won’t do the same.


Wow thank you for this useful information! I’ve been following The Freetrade community for a while now and i was wondering about the conversion but i know little about this technical aspects, so i didn’t know clearly what i was going to expect. I really hope Ninteynine team can provide something more convenient reagarding this issue.


Thanks @sensei_doji we already had the multi-currency accounts feature on our backlog but I just added it to the list to see how people react and if there is a real interest on it from the community.


One feature I would love to see is fractioned stocks. It would make diversifying much easier for people with small capital. Is that something you see having in the future?


The most important thing I need is a good API. A reliable websocket to get a real-time feed of the market and a easy to use API to operate.


@anilboersma fractional stocks is something that we have on our backlog but that won’t be available any time soon.

The operational complexity of doing this would distract us from others more strategical priorities.

  1. I’d absolutely love to have the possibility to buy/sell multiple stocks at once. Even paying for that, in a similar way than Motif investment does. For instance, being able to buy 50 stocks with a single click I’d be able to generate my own “ETF-like” thing, so I could be able to sell/buy all of them as soon as my indicators say Risk-Off.

Again, I’d pay for this service, I understand that it could be worst for you to offer this for free.

But right now my portfolio is comprised of 50 stocks, I’d like to sell/buy all of them a couple times per month, when I think that the market is going to be lower/higher and that’s impossible to do now with any european broker because of transaction costs. It would be also very inconvenient to do one stock per one, even if they are free, because it will be very time consuming, so something like basket trading would be great.

  1. From your list, a web version of the app and multicurrency accounts (USD & EUR) would be nice.

  2. I’d like also to increase (using some insurance company or whatever) the 100.000 maximum guaranteed limit. I like to know that my securities are secured, and I wouldn’t like to worry about a NiteyNine bankruptcy. Again, I’d even pay something additional for this service.


Another useful feature would be the option to add/withdraw funds from/to PayPal in case you haven’t done it yet


Thanks for your feedback, @Restal.

We were already thinking of offering additional coverage for our premium clients. Although this is not something that we wilt be able to offer at inception, we will definitely work on it.

However, you don’t need to worry about ninety nine’s bankruptcy. Our company accounts remain segregated from our clients’.

Regarding your “basket trading” suggestion, let us discuss it internally since it has a lot of operational implications.


@Miquel, unfortunately that is something that we won’t be able to develop for its anti-money laundering implications.

However we will allow our customer to deposit and/or withdraw money instantly.


Oh! I didn’t know that about PayPal, thanks.
Although the ability of making instant transfers sounds pretty good.


My needs are simple. All the fancy stuff can come at a later date.

Version 1 should have:

A full activity report (trying to do my tax return with an ‘activity feed’ that doesn’t show dividend income or corporate action activity is impossible)

Correct KIIDS/KID links - out of date KIIDS render them invalid and might as well not show them

A ‘reporting/non reporting ’ status marker on income payments (again, in doing my tax return and my current broker data is rubbish!!)

A good range of stocks from major exchanges

A decent live price feed - take a free API and you’ll soon see your ‘live’ prices are not representative… ETFs and ETCs especially


If you add basket trading, I can’t wait to start moving my whole portfolio to Ninety Nine :slight_smile:


@JohnnyH we will cover all your “wish list” since inception.

Our price feed is being updated with a 15-minute delay. Once we launch our real money version, we will start to stream prices in real time.

We are doing this because as you can imagine when you start delivering prices on real time, data and server costs start to grow exponentially.