What do you want to learn?


For us, as a company, the financial education of our clients is just as important as the brokerage tool that we are creating.

Our mission is to make financial markets accessible to the ninety nine percent of the population and education is a big piece of it.

Thus, we have created a catalog of courses that will help you better understand the markets:

  1. Why invest?
  2. How much should I invest?
  3. What is the investing process like?
  4. Investment vocabulary part 1
  5. Types of Investments
  6. Investment vocabulary part 2
  7. Investment styles
  8. World Stock Markets
  9. Investing and the news
  10. Investing Psychology
  11. How to pick a stock

You can enjoy them here: https://www.ninetynine.com/academy

If you want us to create further content. Please, let us know.

PD: We do not and will not sell you -never- any kind of financial asset classes that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves.