Updates? Waiting for launch


Are there any updates about when it will launch?


I was like 890ish in waiting list, now I’m back again like 3733. I’m assuming its a bug.


Yea, seems like… I was jumping back and forth as well


I’d love a regular blog post about how everyone’s doing and what’s coming up

Once every 2 weeks would be great


Hello, sorry for the late reply. We just saw your post.

In the next weeks, probably by the end of June, we feel confident that our product is good enough for a mass market. Thus, we will release a completely new version and eliminate our waitlist by granting access to all people who have waited patiently.

Then, we will stress it for a couple of more months with virtual currency. And, once we are confident that everything is running smoothly we will release our real money version.

We know that this is a pain in the neck and that some of our subscribers are a bit angry with the situation. But we believe that this is a better strategy than releasing a “crappy” MVP.