Tip. How to skip the line an have access to your account on Dec. 12


If you are one of our fanboys and can’t wait to test our platform, there is a loophole in our red tape that will help you skip the line.

If you invite 5 valid users from today (Nov. 21) up until Dec. 12 you will be granted with an exclusive access to our public beta and will be able to test our app with a virtual money account, so that you could start familiarizing with investing.

Don’t miss the chance!


¿Ya estáis registrados en la CNMV para operar? S2


Hello @ulises90,

Regarding to your question “Have we already secured our broker-dealer license?” the answer is not yet.

We have been working on it for the last year an a half and we are on the latest stages.

Since we are applying to operate across all European Union it takes a bit more than usual. But we will keep you updated.

Hola @ulises90,

Respondiendo a tu pregunta, todavía no tenemos la licencia de sociedad de valores expedida por la CNVM.

Llevamos trabajando en la misma más de un año y medio y estamos en los últimos estadios.

Al haber solicitado operativa en toda la Unión Europea tarda un poco más de lo normal pero os mantendremos informados.


Will there be another promotion, and if so, when?


@anilboersma Of course. By mid January we will be revealing our next promotion. Stay tuned.


We’re now in mid January! :wink:


Aren’t we in mid-February now? Absolutely zero updates and nobody is keeping any discussion in this community.


Hello @cubic27,

We are sorry to hear that since we try to answer all of our community questions as soon as we can.

On mid-January we were planning to launch a pan-European media campaign. However, we have discussed it internally with our private beta testing group and we came to the conclusion that it was better to spend all of our efforts on building the best product possible rather than wasting resources on marketing efforts.

To give you a hint on what we have been doing during the last months, we have doubled our product team and we expect to triple it in the next couple of months up to 30/35 employees. Of them, we have zero marketing/communications teammates yet.

Trust me, we want to launch our real-money version as soon as possible but we also want to make sure that we ship the product that our community deserves and not just a crapy MVP.

Our launching product will start with 17,000 European and American equities.

Hope you find this information well,