Some proposals and questions


Hi Team,

So I started testing you app and noticed some things:

  1. I cannot find AT&T nor with name or Ticker. Is this a BUG?
  2. It’ll be great if you can include the dividend yield and payout period in the company info as well - will be much helpful for the users. It’s not much of an issue since I can check this on for example. but would be a much better user experience.
  3. Since I want to build a dividend portfolio, where should I then be able to see the dividend which I’ve received after the payout date? It would be great if you have a separate screen where you can see a summary of your dividends…something like on robinhood. Would be also great to be able to export this for tax applications. For example for the past year.
  4. On the first screen “My Portfolio”, I cannot remove the section “Basic concepts”, which is a bit annoying since these are basic stuff and once read it would be good to disappear.
  5. Some of the transactions I made are pending because the market is closed, but I have three companies on London market which are executed already and I see them in “My Portfolio”, but there is no change in the profitability/loss, nor I see the graph once I open the position. Is this a temporary bug or it’s just something that is still not developed?
  6. How do you determine what to show in the “Analyst recommendation” section? This info is based on what criteria?