Roadmap for Ninety Nine


Hi guys,

I am quite lost here, on your website.
Would it be possible for you to give us a roadmap of your product delivery ? In terms of month.
With concrete milestones: for example, android app in May 19, Germany/France availability in June 19…



Hello @jack,

Unfortunately, we depend on the Spanish Financial Authorities (CNMV and SEPBLAC) for our final launching date so I can not give you a fixed date on our real money release. We are on the final stage of acquiring full European passport but, as I said, we depend 100% on them.

However, since we have set the foundations of becoming an international platform from scratch, it won’t take us more than 2/4 months from the moment we launch our real money platform up until we are fully operative on the 7/8 major EU economies.

From there, we will progressively launch on other EU countries based on acquisition and retention KPIs of our virtual money platform.

Regarding our virtual money platform, we have been carefully analyzing our users use of our beta apps. And, based on those learnings we will release a completely redesigned app (both on iOS and Android) on the first couple of weeks of April. This will include not only a new look and feel and user experience but also brand new features such as discovery, real-time, multi-currencies or gamification tools.