Ninety Nine and taxes on stock transactions



In Belgium, we have to pay a tax (which is huge so making day trading/swing trading not interesting) each time we buy or sell physical stocks/etfs BUT we don’t have to pay taxes when transacting with derivatives (like cfds even if I read you don’t like them) or if we don’t own directly the assets.

Could you please explain me what we are really “trading” when we will buy or sell a stock or an etf on ninety nine? Will we direclty own the underlying assets?

With Thanks,



Hello @fulmucos,

We will offer different asset classes, depending to the user account:

  • Basic account users will be able ONLY to trade stocks and,
  • Premium account members will also be able to trade other asset classes such as ETFs, Options, Futures or Currencies.

When we say that you trade stocks or ETFs, you will be trading directly those asset classes, NOT an underlying asset since they will not be derivatives.