iOS app: ideas and feedback


If you want to download our app on your iOS device, here’s the link to the Apple Store:

Bear in mind that we are waiting for Apple to approve our latest version of the app which includes the broker. Once we receive approval you will receive a push notification.

Help us improve your trading experience by giving us some feedback.


What markets and/or what specific shares are you offering on launch? Is there a securities universe list available? I’ve seen the all encompassing list before but assume you won’t launch with such an enormous universe? Maybe you will. Maybe you’re very brave!!


Instead of defining a universe of stocks internally, we are letting our users define theirs’.

We’ve opened more than 17,000 American and European stocks to see what you guys want and we will act based on the data that we extract from it.


Buenos días,
En el Iphone no se actualizan las cotizaciones y solo deja orden en mercado, no otro tipo de órdenes.
Un saludo.


Hola @Monvirtual,

Estamos actualizando los premios cada 15 minutos. Hay algunos mercados que nos están dando fallos y los estamos corrigiendo. Esperamos para la actualización de esta semana tenerlo corregido.

Por otro lado, hemos empezado lanzado exclusivamente ordenes de mercado. Progresivamente iremos incluyendo nuevas.


iOS version 1.0.5 (Jan. 15, 2019)

  • Solves registration bug
  • Adds equities latest updated date and time
  • Portfolio relative distribution is now calculated based on weights
  • Solves portfolio bug when trying to refresh data


I’ve gotten access to the iOS app and I have noticed that all US stocks don’t work properly (I’m not talking about the currency being in euros, which we already knew about) plus they are shown as if they were settled in the LSE (London).

Another bug, although visual, is the “Total Funds”
For example, in my case it jumped from 10,000€ to 5,000 and then 15,000€ (But when it comes to trading stocks one can only make use of the “real” 10,000€)


Thank’s @Miquel,

The US stocks issue has already been solved by our engineering team and will be released on our next version in the incoming weeks. Also, each stock will be shown on its respective currency.

Furthermore, FTSE shares issues have also been fixed.

The Total Fund sum problem accounts to a FIFO (First in, First out) difficulty that we are facing. Although it has not yet been solved, it is currently on our backlog.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


I’ve been experiencing an issue. The prices on stocks don’t get updated.


Thanks @Miquel, we are updating our backend from 15 minute timeseries to real time. This may last for a couple of weeks.

Please excuse any inconvenience that this may cause you.