Discover who is behind ninety nine


Ninety nine is made up of experts in finance, compliance, product, and technology. We share a unique way of seeing the world, and at the same time, we’re extraordinarily different from each other. That’s why we enjoy ourselves to no end working together, like a big family.

We are currently 14 friends working towards a common mission. Let us introduce ourselves:

  • Adrian (Android)
  • Blanca (Office manager)
  • Carlota (Partnerships)
  • Daniel (Finance)
  • Fran (Android)
  • Guillermo (Backend)
  • Ignacio (Systems)
  • Javier (CEO)
  • José (Operations)
  • Juanjo (iOS)
  • Luis A. (Frontend)
  • Luis M. (CTO)
  • Miguel (Product)
  • Ricardo (Backend)

We are here for you so drop us a line if you need anything from us.


Hi there,

I am Javi, founder, and CEO of ninety nine. I studied finance while working on private equity but decided to drop out of college to pursue my real passion: creating meaningful stuff.

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur for the last 8 years jumping from projects between the US and Europe.

What I do at ninety nine: I am in charge of setting a solid foundation and culture to become a global brand.

What I love about ninety nine: It’s the biggest challenge I have ever encountered in my entire life. What one day seemed impossible is now a reality and it was the result of tremendous sacrifices.


Hi all,

I’m Luis, the Frontend developer at ninety nine. I have a Master’s Degree in Web Engineering from the University of Oviedo.

Coming from a very technical background, I love to create fully dynamic web applications. I’ve been doing it since 2008.

What I do at ninety nine: develop and maintain our landing page, help center, community site, and web trader. I also work on the internal tools that help us run our internal operations and procedures.

What I love about ninety nine: As an avid investor, I love being part of the development of a revolutionary broker and contribute to making financial markets more accessible to people like me.


Hi there!

My name is Adrián and I’m the main developer of our Android application. I’m Software Engineer focused on Android development.

What I do at ninety nine: I develop and maintain our Android application, working hard with our iOS, Backend and Design teams to create an awesome experience in our mobile apps.

What I love about ninety nine: I feel that ninety nine will be the best finance application that will be accesible to a lot of people. On the other hand, our team is fantastic.


Hi everyone,

mi name is Juanjo, I’m iOS Engineer at ninety nine.
I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. I’ve been working as software developer since 2006.

What I do at ninety nine: I’m in charge of developing our iOS app.
What I love about ninety nine: What I liked the most about ninety nine was the idea to start the development of a new product from scratch. It was a challenge at the beginning, because I didn’t know much about fintech. But as ninety nine evolves, so does my knowledge about the financial markets and I’m convinced that there is something big in the making.


Hi all,

My name is Guillermo, I’m backend developer at ninety nine. I studied computer science and I’m a big lover of techy world.

I’ve been working for 11 years in many kinds of tech startups and projects creating solid business apps as backend and frontend too.

I enjoy by developing apps with amazing team colleagues from which I can learn a lot of things always personally and professionally.

What I do at ninety nine: Develop and manage the backend for the mobile apps and for the web frontend site. Creating and maintaining the source core for making possible the best market share trader.

What I love about ninety nine: The complexity of the product, the new technical challenges coming within but above all the team.



I’m Miguel, Product Manager (one man band) at ninety nine. I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and a few years of expertise as a Software Engineer while I help to build some successful products along the way.

What I do at ninety nine: I try to keep the team focused and doing the things that matter, helping in any area that needs a hand or two while building the product and discover the key points the user find value about it.

What I love about ninety nine: The big and awesome challenge that is building something so complex and obfuscated for a blue ocean of users that do not have any previous experience consuming investment products.


I’m the Systems Director at Ninety Nine, with means I’m in charge of all the underlying IT cloud infrastructure, communications and security.

Besides my workmates, whom I consider awesome, what I love about working here is having the chance to participate in the creation and growth of a fintech company.


Hi all,

My name is José Manuel, Operations Director at ninety nine. I have a degree in Business Management and Economics.

I’ve worked with a variety of securities firms for almost 20 years, including the last year and a half at Caser Valores and Inversiones, 13 years at JB Capital Markets and before that, 2 years each at Intermoney Valores and Beta Capital.

What I do at ninety nine: I implement, coordinate, and monitor the whole process of post trading of financial instruments.

What I love about ninety nine: It is such an interesting project and seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I get to contribute to the launching of the first zero commission broker in Europe.


Hi :dancer:,

My name is Blanca and I am the office manager at ninety nine. I own a degree in Administration and Business Management as well as other studies in Public Relations and Human Resources.

What I do at ninety nine: Im in charge of keeping the office running smoothly and at the same time all the accounting tasks.

What I love about ninety nine: Is a great opportunity to grow, not only professionally but personally as well. I love the culture and the casual style of work.


Hi all my name is Ricardo I work with Guillermo and Miguel coding and designing the backend features.

I have beed working in backend development since dot com creating amazing websites and BigData projects.

What I do at ninety nine : Coding amazing Forex features

What I love about ninety nine : The possibility to create new disrupting features that transform the way that we invest in financial markets.