Android app: ideas and feedback


If you want to download our app on your Android device, here’s the link to Google play:

Help us improve your trading experience by giving us some feedback.


I might be missing something, but is there a link for downloading the Android app? Has it been delayed? My position is 123, so I supposed I would be able to download it yesterday.


Hello @sensei_doji,

The apps were sent to the stores (iOS and Android) yesterday and our virtual money platform will be available across all European Union countries along the next days.

Our users are receiving their invitation at the time the platform is being approved on their country.

Regarding your position, it appears on our intranet that you hold position 4414. We will analyze individually your case to see why you to believe that you hold position 123.

However, we have internally decided to grant you with an early invitation. You will receive it through the day.



Hello. I invited more than 5 friends so I think I’ll receive access but I’m still waiting. I searched for the app on Play store and found this. Is this the real app?


Hi Jesus,

Yes, that’s the real app. We run into some last minutes difficulties last night but the problem is fixed now.

We just sent an email to those who earn the priority access, check your inbox and you will find it if you are one of those.

Side note: The iOS users will take a little bit longer because the working version still in review and will take a few days to be approved by the App Store. Stay tunned!


En primer lugar, enhorabuena por vuestra iniciativa.
Para que os podamos ayudar a probar la beta es necesario que las cotizaciones se actualicen y que permitáis introducir órdenes.


Hola Monvirtual,

Actualmente estamos refrescando las cotizaciones de precios cada 15 minutos. Las bajaremos a tiempo real / streaming cuando pasemos a dinero real. La semana que viene introduciremos unas mejoras en la aplicación para las gráficas intraday que parece están fallando.

Respecto a las ordenes, tambien están funcionando. Aunque estamos corrigiendo unas incidencias que nos han notificado una serie de usuarios con el funcionamiento del apartado “bank”.

Si puedes mandar una captura con tu incidencia a diciendonos desde el tipo de móvil que estás accediendo te lo agradeceríamos.

Un saludo y perdona las molestias,


Android version 1.0.10

  • Adds equities latest updated date and time
  • Portfolio relative distribution is now calculated based on weights
  • Solves notification crash
  • Improvements on the user experience


He instalado la aplicación, en un Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML, el que tiene 4gb de ram, con android 5.0, pero se cierra siempre después de salir vuestro logo.

He probado reinstalando y reiniciando el móvil y nada, se cierra siempre sin poder hacer nada.

Edit- No tiene relación con android, pero tampoco puedo editar mi usuario aquí en el foro…


Buenos días,

hemos estado revisando tu caso y es un problema especifico de la versión de android en el zenfone. Estamos trabajando en una nueva versión y en breve debería estar solucionado.

Un saludo y muchas gracias por el reporte.


Thank you for the app!

I submitted an order yesterday and left the app running in the background with networking disabled to save power. After getting a notification via e-mail that the order has been executed, I enabled network and switched to the app but it did not show any shares in none of its tabs (portfolio, favorites, bank). Only after I clicked on the notification of order execution that the app refreshed its status.

It would be nice if the app updated its status each time it is opened, as well as perhaps every N minutes or seconds.

I like that the company search supports loose searches. This makes it easier to find new stocks. However, I think it would be even better if one could search not only by name but also by the price of a share, or perhaps by dividend yield. Would be neat if both upper- (>= 5 EUR) and lower bounds (<= 10 EUR, for example) could be set.

Best regards


Thanks for the feedback @indreksnt,

We will correct the bug and update the status of the order without having to click on the push notification.

Regarding to our search tool, we have completely redesign it. Please, let us know if you like it once we upgrade it.



I have used the app since it became available, which isnt a long time, but here are my two cents.
I noticed that the Apple stock (AAPL) doesnt seem to update at all for me.

The graphs dont seem to give too much information. There is no axis labelling at all, so it is rather difficult to get an idea how much the stock has changed.

Is it possible to receive faster updates? As it seem that the stocks update once every few hours. And for me personally I would like to have the option to switch to a andlestick charts. Or is the App designed to be used in conjunction with a more detailed stock trading app?

Apart from these, the app has a clean design, which I do like.


Hello @dim,

Thanks for reaching out.

We are currently updating our prices every 5 seconds. Unless there is a huge demand from our customers to make it faster, we believe that this is optimal from a UX point of view. Making it faster would be pretty simple for us, but it would drain all of our users’ phone batteries.

Regarding the stock that you mention, AAPL, apart from NASDAQ, it negotiates on the FTSE (London Stock Exchange) which doesn’t have huge liquidity (and thus, the price remains invariable).

Our prices backend squad is currently working on the US stock markets and will add all NASDAQ, NYSE, ARCX and ASE common and preferable stocks during the next weeks. Once we do so, you will be able to trade AAPL on NASDAQ and see the price updated instantly.

Please, accept our apology.



Buenos días. Acabo de empezar a probar la app.
Quizás mi duda sea muy básica y no haya buscado bien, pero no encuentro como resolverla, así que pregunto por aquí.
He seleccionado una empresa para comprar acciones, pero no puedo mandar una orden de compra al precio que yo quiera, sino que la compra la realiza al precio del momento de envío de la orden. ¿Cómo puede poner el precio al que deseo que se compre, o se venda?

Si hay algún manual de operativa de la app, me puede decir donde puedo encontrarlo.

Olvida la pregunta, ya he encontrado la respuesta.